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hi eric, and any other visitors... Thanks so much for coming to the Fez show, though it was a bit of a strange one for me, i am glad to hear that you enjoyed your self, and that makes my own private strangeness more worth it, somehow... so, upon a NEW CD... well, i won't talk about it much, though i want to... but give me a couple more weeks... At this point what i have is an aprox due date, like childbirht... and i'm hoping another few weeks at the most... The thing is, it's not a CD, it's an EP- 5 Songs... I know that might be frustrating to some, because i have so many songs, but i thought it would be real fun for people to have a super cool EP(the people i worked on this with are amazing... i still wonder if it really happened, or if it was one of my more involved day dreams...) now, rahter than wait another half a year for a full length.. What i think will happen is that some of the 5 songs that come out on the EP will morph into new versions of themselves for the full length, or come off all together, making room for new ones... Anyhow, i think it'll be a good transition thang, and all over the place, and sounding so kick arse because of the people involved... The People Involved... Well, i will post all the details of who/where/when in the aproaching days... when i know clearer the time line and release date, and what they wnat me to tell you guys about them... As for some of the "favorites" that won't be part of the 5... what i think i can try to do to help with that, is post some live /demo versions right on the site, so that they are fully listenable for free from the com-pooter... that way if you like to hear them, and they aren't out yet, you can... thanks so much for wondering about that/asking/waiting/supporting... keep snow flaking and happy, reginka

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