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so today was the first time I had matzo ball soup

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in my history class, we're doing a segment on religions, and the group that did judaism had all this amazing food, including matzo ball soup. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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Yet another dish I was subjected to as a child and just have never enjoyed.

Shmura Matzo and Matzo "Crackers" (i.e. the machine-made crispy shit) alone are the best things ever but Matzo balls always seemed to me to be a tad off texture-wise. Soggy.. Mushy.. Squishy.

I've noticed, lately, that everything that my parents made me eat often is on my "no-no" list.

Potato soup is also in this category.

I think that Potato Soup is really just gravy that decided to call itself soup so as to not be forced to make missionary lovins with meats and breads.

That's what I think... yep.

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