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just wondering is Regina in a relationship??

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Ahhh, the type of question that gives rise to the paparazzi'd British tabloid lifestyle. I would never support such sucky tactics being used on anyone, especially regina, but I'll answer the question because it's interesting.

I posted something ages ago about this HERE

Regarding the YouTube comment below

DrStyle wrote:

"She is My uncle girle friend Smiler

Jack Dishel "

DrStyle is supposedly a 15-year-old from Israel. Makes sense to me if he/she's telling the truth. They've known each other for quite awhile (Jack played with Regina's good friend Kimya in the Moldy Peaches), there's been pictures of them together at non-concert events, which may not scream validation for the relationship theory, but at least we know they're friends :-)

Dear Lamposts, in regards to the type of question you asked, I'm starting a new thread in UtNYC forum.

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UtNYC = Upon the New Year Coming

(which if I'm not mistaken was referring to 2005 originally?)

ReallyJustLittle: Regina's songs are great stories... but who could blame ya for your wishful thinking.

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hmm, i just found this doing a search. its from a blog.


6. Anonymous | December 5th, 2005 at 11:14 pm

Levy is a very good band….but the small success they have achieved has gone to their heads. They used to be nice guys..they aren’t anymore.

James Levy the lead singer is Regina Spektor’s ex ..and quite a few of the band’s songs are about Julian Casablancas and Regina Spektor’s affair while she was James’s girlfriend.

Levy is genuinely a good band..too bad ..the guys aren’t so down to earth anymore.

i wonder if any of regina's songs are about that.

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