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If you like Regina..

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I hear it. come on, open your ears. It's there.

Hocrap, have I ever mentioned how ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with the accordion I am?

I can never find enough of it...

You know what?

I kind of like this Ema person.

Actually...I really do.

This is the kind of music that plays in my head when I'm sitting on the curb waiting for my mom to pick me up after rehearsals.

Seriously, especially "salvation." That's it, exactly.

So uh, thanks George. (:

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Check out the guilt-free MP3 of "And I Found This Boy," a happy go lucky lune that invokes memories of Feist, Regina Spektor and a less angsty Bjork. Watch the video for the song

Go to the link at the top of this post to dl the mp3 if interested.

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