how did you get into regina?

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Originally posted by kaysntees:

My mind always goes dirty when I read the title of this thread. Yes, I am a perv.

EVERY TIME i log onto the Live Journal community and see "Spektoritis"

i ALWAYS see "Spektor tits" in my head.


its so wrong.

spektorITIS. not tits. sheesh

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The man that forever changed my life told me five years ago I sounded like Regina and told me to download "December" and "Baobabs".

I checked it out, and I thought too that I sounded like her! Blew me away because I instantly fell in love with her music...I began listening to her music constantly, and then began playing/singing her music by ear. Regina's music is so simple to play, and quite fun, but it sounds more difficult on a recording.

I've done a few "gigs" playing her music and everyone has just loved it. I love showing people regina because she changed my life! It's so funny how you guys all understand...most people don't though...they don't get how beautiful her music is, and how she too (at least she seems) like a beautiful person as well.

I have yet to see her in concert--due to living in Alaska, but I'll see her some day..but I hope it's in some small pub not some big festival. I'm such a big fan, it wouldn't mean as much! And also, I love all regina music, especially when she adds a bass/cello/violins/drums, but when she has the whole band it feels like the organic-ness of regina has been tempered with...I still like it though. Just not as good as the acoustic stuff! I LOVE THIS PLACE

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