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Regina! If you ever read this (which I doubt, but still...) I want you to know that I wish you the best birthday of your life Smiler this far anyway. Greater things are still to come!

Thank you! Thank you for everything that you do, for letting us hear the music you write, for being such a role model just by being you, for still coming out after shows to say hi to us fans, for staying true to yourself, for smiling at us, singing for us.... I could go on and on. THANK YOU.

and Happy Birthday.

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wow, she just thanked us!

"my birthday just ended, and it was such a good one... i'm so thankful to everyone who wished me well... big thank you to the bumstix birthday wishers! there was even snow on the ground, and i got to see the faces i love... and it's cool cause now there's an entire year ahead... a very happy un birthday to me, to me, an...d very happy un birthday... feb 19th is here...."

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