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what gigs have you been to/got lined up in 2007

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I saw Regina Jan 20th, The Bad Plus w/ Chris O'Riley in February, and I saw Regina again last night at Purchase.

I don't know what concert I'll go to next, but I usually try to get to one good one a month.

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Been to:

- Hardcore punk club gig at youth club Trapnotov in Almere (NL)... two good bands (Verrot- dutch for Rotten) and Good old Habits (street punk) and two really bad bands including the headliner (Ghandi's Revenge)

- Babylon Circus in Attak in Enschede (still in NL), which is a fantastic French skaband. It was all a big party.

- Also seen a carribean band play in the new theatre of Almere... was fun, shame it was a sitting concert while they played these dancing tunes.

ain't got much in the pipeline, going to concerts is usually a spontaneous thing for me. the only things planned are next week:

- Koninginnenacht (Night before the "royal birthday party" in Holland). Probably in Utrecht (middle of the country). Should find out if there are any cool bands playing though.

- Dutch Liberation Day (may 5th, celebrates the end of WWII for the Dutch). All provincial capitals have their own free music festival on that day, which is a lot of fun.

and the rest? Only if Regina comes to the Netherlands this year I have a definite "must see" (though, the Smashing Pumkins reunion is interesting too, if it ever gets through).

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Ooh i've got quite a few gigs coming up:

25th April: Cat Power

26th April: Low

27th April: 65daysofstatic

29th April: 65daysofstatic

10th May: 65daysofstatic

24th May: ISIS

2nd June: Paul Gilbert

12th June: Megadeth

16th June: Muse

12th - 15th July: Masters of Rock festival

25th July: Steve Vai

October: Rescheduled Explosions in the Sky


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february something - subtle

march 29th - brand new

april 6th - dredg

april 7th - dredg

april 13th - aereogramme

april 25th - regina

may 6th - explosions in the sky

may 7th - explosions in the sky

june 23rd - sage francis

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I almost never got to concerts. I've gone to see Regina twice in the last year, but otherwise, just Sarah Harmer awhile back, and before that, Alice Peacock. Oh, and Smoosh.

Nothing on the horizon.

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Friday I went to the double-bill councert of De Hardheid (Dutch Ska-punk) and Human Alert (Chaospunk) with my bro and his roomie in the Metropool in Hengelo.. Great show! At the end of the evening both bands shared the stage for some anarchy and chaos and playing De Hardheid's classic "Kutmuziek" (literally: cuntmusic).

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