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What are you listening to right now?

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Neko Case's "Favorite" is playing in my head. :] "Last night I dreamt

That I hit a deer with my car

Blood from his heart

Spilled out onto my dress and was warm

He begged me to follow

But legions of sorrow defied me" < I love those lines so much it's hard to listen to the song.

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Originally posted by mooebon:

new song by Joanna Newsom, Esme (?)

new JN song

(courtesy of Morricone)

I'm SO OUTRAGED you posted that new Joanna Newsom song, mooebon!

JK. Wink It's really beautiful, I hope more people hear it. In fact, it continues to's another recording of it from The Royal Albert Hall, in September of 2007.

Stepped On A Syringe, I agree about "Sawdust and Diamonds." So haunting! And fiendishly difficult-seeming to play -- in the whole first half of the NY concert last week (when they played the entire Ys album, with orchestra), the highlight was unquestionably S&D, when no-one played but Joanna, and even the orchestral musicians seemed stunned by the intensity of the song and her performance. :]

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