chatreuse rhinocerous

What are you listening to right now?

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simian - we are your friends - album

simian did a song in 5 time: the swarm.

i know of two other people who did songs

in 5 time: genesis, down and out,

and the incomparable andrea perry,

find me a way. if you find anymore

5 time songs, don't let me know about them.

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Qrock played she's a beauty by the tubes.

I swear, I had it low, and was getting into

bed with literature, but can't handle literature

just now, and electric light, and had to do net. i wish i had the book 4 arguments for the elimination of television by gerry mander, but only have in the absence of the sacred.

there's always wuthering heights,

and the dark tower, but a billion red chinese

don't give a fuck.

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