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What are you listening to right now?

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Bowerbirds from Raleigh, NC

Teeth (~ 0:42 it starts)

Bright Future

Check out the theyshootmusic channel as well, you are bound to find an awesome band to your liking.

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Originally posted by davidh:


Can't someone do a good pirate of this already? I'll send a cheque to Reg for what would have been her royalties from mine ...

you mean like this?

Edit: shortcuts to the useful stuff!

11:11 in FLAC files, posted by Scotty

Don't like FLAC's? Here are some options:

Convert the FLAC's to your desired file choice using MAX Audio Converter on a mac, or FLAC Frontend on a PC. Both posted by JohnnyC.

OR just skip straight to these Apple Lossless files of the above FLAC's, posted by JohnnyC, for those of us who don't want to bother with nerding around with wave files.

What are all of these file types? i don't understand!!

The different file types, lovingly explained by JohnnyC.

Personally I'm using the apple lossless files. I can play them on iTunes and my iPod, they have CD quality audio, and take up half the space of wave files.

Edit Edit: all this 11:11 talk reminded me to go listen to it. I forgot how good it was. you get stuck thinking about the files and the audio and forget to think that the music itself, songs individually and in an album, is exceptional.

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