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What are you listening to right now?

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Originally posted by kaysntees:

Its been a 90s kind of month I guess...

Hey, me too! For me, it's been mostly Blues Traveler, with a few key selections from Sister Hazel, Third Eye Blind, and Deana Carter thrown in for good measure.

Right now, I'm listening to Loveology.

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i'm in a tori mood today...she brings feelings out i never knew i had as they are so well's quite different than what i have with Regina-she owns the happy moments..foolish..sweet and funny and Tori owns my insightful-overcoming depression moments..i can't explain it..maybe it's just because her songs are about her own experiences and i can recognize my own struggles in the melody and lyrics she's written while Regina is playful and seems rather a great friend whom you can have fun with and tell secrets to but when you are going through things you are hiding from yourself..tori is the one who can make me accept and move on as i am always over-analyzing-it's like a drug induced peacefulness if you get what i meanSmiler.One thing i have to say is that i am not comparing them here..i am only saying what listening to each of them triggers inside of me and not the differences between them.have fun with the song in case you are to listen to it(try to ignore the typical "dance" on the chair...i've found it strange at the beginning but i sort of get it now..after so many years listening to her and watching videos..can't help loving herSmiler

PS:still Regina is the most adorable of singersSmiler

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