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What are you listening to right now?

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"To Know You Is To Love You" - Greyboy (so good)

And then "Patron Saint" (The live one with her at the Sidewalk Cafe - 2003) I've watched that one about once a week for the past 3 years. Something about it. She just sings the crap out of it. It's just perfect from beginning to end. It mesmerizes me. I'm not big on singling out any Regina performance, but for tonight, I will that one.

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Originally posted by jellybeanjules:

"WOAH Amber is the color of your energy"

I know I'm lame Razzer and stuck in the 90s

Oh I am so going to have to listen to that now...

but currently: Gardenhead - Jeff Mangum

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I'm listening to an NPR stream of Joanna Newsom live in Washington, D.C. Smiler She sounds amazing live. Her voice is solid. I would LOOOOVE to actually attend a concert of hers.

I'm so happy because she played my favorite songs from her new album: Easy, Soft as Chalk, Good Intentions Paving Company, and Have One on Me. Now she's playing Baby Birch! Big Grin Or maybe the more appropriate sentiment is Frowner because this song is so sad.

Edit: Gosh, it sounds so raw live...

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