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What are you listening to right now?

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Still A Weirdo - KT Tunstall ... I officially love her new album!

This song is really great. I'm just repeating it over and over on youtube. Good stuff Smiler

I'd always thought

it's automatic

to grow into

a soul less static

but here i am upon

the same spot

trying to lift off

into space

Pay my lip service

Keep it eloquent

optomistic but

never quite elegant

Still a weirdo

still a weirdo

after all these years

Big Grin

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Originally posted by rainna:

^ I loooove Joanna Newsom and Emily! <3 Everything I know about meteorites I have learnt from her. Big Grin

I read somewhere that the meteorite and meteoroid things are actually the other way around. So the meteoroid is the source of the light, etc. But I also think Joanna did that on purpose. Maybe to show that even though people promise to do something, in this case that she would always remember what Emily taught her, we don't always follow through. Hmmm...I love Joanna.

Anyway, right now I'm listening to "Avenue of Trees" and "Unmentionables" by the Parenthetical Girls. I always have to listen to the two songs together because the transition between them is awesome. Seamless. Smiler Also, "Unmentionables" is one of my favorite songs ever, even if it is less than two minutes long.

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