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What are you listening to right now?

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Originally posted by Baobab:

Pictures at an Exhibition --- Modest Mussorgsky

My dad used to play this for me when I was young. From a very early age he played us a whole range of music from classical to punk, disco, rock, everything you could think of. I've now got the same wide musical tastes he has Smiler

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Awesome! My parents were the same. I owe much of my musical tastes because of my parents. I think I may be from an earlier generation than you, but my parents were exposing me to stuff way current to what others their age were listening to. Credence Clearwater, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Aerosmith (70's era), Floyd Cramer (piano guy), Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett. And way more. I am so appreciative that I know all that music.

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