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What are you listening to right now?

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Originally posted by lennonist:

Edit: Don't forget tomorrow, Ellie Goulding's set is streamed at 7:40-8:30 Pacific and then The Strokes are shown at 8:55 Pacific. Check to see if you're interested in seeing any others.


What I listened to:

Friday night I caught the stream of Warpaint. It was good; they played "BILLIE HOLIDAY", "Undertow", some other songs, and ended with Beetles. Then I switched over to Cee Lo Green and he was having a mini-meltdown. I heard he got on stage 30 minutes late and then played 10 minutes over his curfew. I was able to catch him play his signature song "Fuck You" and then he started playing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" but then left the stage and then they cut off the sound for his supporting band.

Then I listened to Cold Cave. I discovered Y4CHT and they were really amazing and had really good vibes. I was mighty impressed by Cold War Kids. Then saw Titus Andronicus. I heard Morning Benders were pretty good, but I didn't watch them. I also heard The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Interpol and Flogging Molly were good, but I didn't watch them when they were on.

I went to sleep before Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, and Gayngs were on.

Today, I streamed the performances of Freelance Whales and Two Door Cinema Club. Freelance Whales were really good. They started off with "Generator First Floor". Two Door Cinema Club was also really good. They played "Undercover Martyn", "Something Good Can Work", "What You Know", and others. I casually watched Cage the Elephant and Erykah Badu. The lead singer for Cage the Elephant was dressed in a nice red dress and he jumped around stage a lot.

Broken Social Scene was epic. They ended with "Meet Me In The Basement", a song that makes you feel alive. I alternated between them and Foals.

Then I watched Here We Go Magic and The New Pornographers while doing some work.

Gogol Bordello performance was awesome. A lot of movement on stage and just really high on energy.

Now I'm watching Mumford and Sons. Good stuff. They ended with "The Cave".

Tomorrow I wanna watch Angus & Julia Stone, Jimmy Eat World, The National, Ratatat, Foster the People, Ellie Goulding, PJ Harvey, and The Strokes.

I also need to get a serious amount of work done. Oh trouble.

edit: omg, I didn't notice. They added Arcade Fire to the stream for 1:20 am my time. I guess I'll be staying up today. Omg, omg!

O.M.G.! Arcade Fire was so fucking awesome.

Some info on it here:

Arcade Fire Coachella 2011 setlist

Month of May

Rebellion (Lies)

No Cars Go


City With No Children

The Suburbs

Crown of Love



Neighborhood #2 (Laika)

We Used to Wait

[crowd sings Win Happy Birthday]

Power Out

Keep the Car Running

Wake Up (lots of colored light up balloons fall)


The Suburbs (Reprise)

Ready To Start


Sprawl II

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Angus & Julia Stone sounded really good. Jimmy Eat World was okay - they ended with their song It just takes a little time. I watched The National - they ended with their international smash hit "Fake Empire" and their song "Mr. November" which is about the PotUS, Berick Ob-a-ma.

Ratatat had such a good set. They had some audiovisual multimedia and their entire music was just a celebration of life and music. I didn't watch PJ Harvey, but she's good.

Oh God. The Strokes. Good as ever. They've still got it. but, I find them a bit distant and detached, a bit guarded with their sunglasses. They're not as intimate and raw as they used to be - I guess it's because of the large venue. At least they're still around. I love you Julian. LAST NITE, SHE SAID, WOAH BABY I FEEL SO DOWN. UP ON A HILL IS WHERE WE BEGIN.

They added Kanye West to the webcast stream. I don't know if I'ma gonna stay up for him, cause I have some studying leftover.

Here's the full set for The Suburban Arcadia Fire: GO WATCH IT - IT'S LIFE-CHANGING:

This, white people, is proper, decent, real music. This is how it's done.

I gotta say, I'ma let you finish Kanye, but Arcade Fire had one of da best live concerts of all time. Of all time.

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