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"Ode to divorce" live at Radio City:

I come to this performance a lot. She does it just so wonderfully. 'you're talking to her noooooooooowww'. I dare anyone not to have goose bumps after when she does that. It's hardly human how she does what she does sometimes. I get emotional about music from time to time, but she brings me to tears more often then anybody. Good thing I'm alone when it happens. It'd be embarrassing. Smiler All this time liking her. All this time loving her. I leave comment after comment after frickin' comment and I still can't quite capture what it is about her that is just so different than anyone else. Sooo much great music out there, but I can't bring myself to lump her in to just great music. She transcends that to me. You can't explain Regina with just that. I can't even tell you how often I catch myself shaking my head in disbelief when I listen to her. Is this over glorifying a musician, or am I right? I wish we could prove that she came from a different planet. That would explain everything. Smiler

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I would be so sad to discover that she comes from another planet . I have faith in humanity when I think there are people like her on earth. Razzer

Thanks for the video, regina is amazing ! Every time, my heart stops when she sings "Won't you let a brother out out out out ouuut". Eeker

By the way, don't worry, you're not crazy.

I understood that many people are deeply moved by her music when i succesfully converted my sister to reginalism. Big Grin

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Originally posted by lennonist:

Camera Obscura - "French Navy"

Relationships were something I used to do

Convince me, they are better for me and you

We met by a trick of fate

French navy, my sailor

Camera Obscura are one of my favourite bands and if it wasn't for Regina Spektor, Tracyanne Campbell would be my favourite singer. She sings in her native Glasgow accent, which is probably why I get it!

French Navy is in my top 5 Camera Obscura songs and here are a couple of versions that I love:

Although they have so many great original songs, I also love their version of Bruce Springsteen's tougher than the rest:

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I'm listening to the album "Plans" by a band called Ashok, which is somewhat mysterious other than the fact that this was the first project that Florence Welch was involved. That said, it is very different from "Lungs" or "Ceremonials." It's a weird hybrid of all sorts of music. I like it!

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