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Ne Me Quitte Pas! (Songs)

Since Cheapseats came out, I've experienced a resurgence with the Songs version of it, weirdly enough. It's so happy and cheerful. Big Grin

It's becoming one of my favourites. Set it as my alarm, so I could wake up to it, but the song's not intrusive/annoying enough to get me out of bed xD.

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Originally posted by Dominic:

do you know where full videos of la france and bubble lady that are shown in this video can be found? :/

Dominic: I hope you will read this post.. I have the videos you were looking for!

Here is the link:

I have bought the iTunes deluxe edition so I have other videos (Le berger, Message, She Was, etc..). If you (or somebody else) want these videos, just say the word! Wink

Edit: If you need these videos, can you give me your email address? I don't want to spam this thread with off-topic information..

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