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i like wonder bread

I lost my breath.

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OH MY GOD...How weird...

This is weird.

I saw that video a couple of days ago when I looked up Regina Spektor BYOS on youtube...Her version came up...and I usually NEVER listen to anyone else's version...But...her voice was so amazing I listened to the whole thing! I remember thinking, MY GOD...she didn't even have any instruments and it was incredible! Wow, I can't believe that's her! Small world...

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Originally posted by breathable_again:

Ahh thanks! Yeah, I read somewhere that she went to France..or maybe it was Canada? Haha..Just trying to get to know the forum I suppose...I really really like LOVE it here...I already like her and I haven't even had a conversation with her yet...Her sense of humor is my favorite. Smiler Thanks for letting me know, though...You are so incredibly kind.

(looks behing left shoulder, then over right) you talkin ta me?

Big Grin awwww shucks.

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