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San Diego Show

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Thanks for all the feedback so far. Thanks to PAT for posting a set list. May not be in order, and incomplete, but better than nothing. Agree with you Kailee about the assholes. I was lucky to see Radiohead in SD last year, and the same thing happened there: people talking during quiet parts and just being f***king drunk. I think this is par for the course here in SD. You get a lot of people that just want to hear certain songs, and don't care for the rest of the concert. Luckily I just blocked them out and concentrated on Regina.

Once again, thanks for all the input. Keep 'em coming if possible.

P.S. - I was thinking this morning that I SHOULD have written grand instead of baby grand. Thanks for the catch, PAT.

P.S.S. - Among live performers today, I would rank Regina and Ani as the BEST when it's just them on stage (or in Ani's case, her and a bass guitarist). How about a double bill of those two? Goosebumps!!

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Originally posted by kailee:

Human of the Year. I have never heard her sing it like that. Wow. It was incredible...the highlight for me.

I know! Wasn't it so amazing! I had only heard a bootleg MP3 of it, so hearing and experiencing it in person was just jaw dropping and heart wrenching.

Originally posted by kailee:

I like how she has the ability to show humanity and authenticity of experience in supposedly mundane events. It makes me feel like our lives are not mundane at all.

I totally agree with that as well. I just love her so much.

I can't really even listen to other music as much anymore - hahah, she's just so good at what she does everything else is pretty bland.

And she is the BEST performer I have ever seen. EVER.

Simple as that.

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Originally posted by PilingAndTwisting:

It WAS amazing last night.

That was not only the best Regina show I've been to, but probably the best show I've ever been to.

I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

I'll try to put up the set list, but it's not gonna be in order:

Ain't No Cover

On The Radio


Baby Jesus

The Flowers


Bobbing For Apples

That Time

The Wallet

Human Of The Year



Field Below

Apres Moi

Ghost of Corporate Future

Poor Little Rich Boy

Music Box


Real Love (John Lennon cover)

Hotel song w/ Only Son beatboxing!


I probably forgot a song or two...cause I was just so into it.

She was perfect. There was this one really rude girl on a bad combination of drink and drugs who kept shouting out things during the really quiet parts of Regina's set...I wanted to punch her in the face. People on the farther left side of the stage said Regina gave her dirty looks, but I could only see Regina's glittery eyebrows and forehead from where I was standing Frowner

But I could see her perfectly when she was on the Guitar - I was standing in the front row in the very center...

Oh and to correct slimjimmy, she was playing a GRAND piano, not a baby grand - hehe, that piano was bigger than Regina! And a steinway at that, that's what she deserves!

Only Son was better last night than he was in L.A. last November...he had a band with him then, but he has more POP and charm on his own with the iPod.

Back to Regina...this was my mom's first time seeing her and she was always a so-so Regina fan, after she walked out, she's converted! Hahha, after she heard Regina sing "Human of The Year" she was like "Oh my god, that woman can sing!" I said...."DUH!"

My favorite songs of the night was "Human of The Year", "MUSIC BOX"!!!, and for some reason "Ain't No Cover", we always hear this song and we know it inside and out but I LOVE the way she sings it. Her confidence, body movements and facial expressions enthrall me. She's too good to be true. I look up to her SO much as a musician and I strive to be that kind of performer.

I have to say though. I HATE THE HOUSE OF BLUES.

The fact that they have a policy where if you buy dinner you get to go in front of the people in the regular line to get in. Of course, I didn't have money to buy dinner, and I got there at 11:45AM...waiting in the cold...and people who could afford to eat got to cut in front of me, and they got there 2 hours before doors opened...tops.

That is so unfair. I hate them.

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The other day I was driving and listening to KCRW (LA NPR station), and a music program was just coming on...I heard this otherworldly piano melody and thought, hmm, I know this. Then I hear a voice that can only be Regina's! Then I realize it's her cover of "Real Love!" It sounded like a studio version... I was so incredibly happy on that drive!

Is this song available anywhere?

This is probably not the place to post this, but since we all heard it at the SD show...


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