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Whats your favorite regina song?

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I think my favorite song will always be The Virgin Queen. It was the first non-BTH song I ever heard. I remember, I was looking up lyrics by Regina and I saw the title for it. I was immediately intrigued, being the history geek that I am. I read the lyrics and was amazed. All of a sudden, all I could think about was listening to that song. When I finally tracked it down and listened to it, I was... speechless, I guess. I was like nothing I had ever heard. About five minutes after I listened to it, I signed up on this board. And the rest is history Smiler

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hello, ghost of corporate regina forum. i am the ghost of small change.

this would be my first regina forum post. i feel like i'm cheating on the tom waits fan forum. ever since i discovered regina (about a month and a half ago), i've felt like i'm cheating on tom.

i've explored her entire discography like a mad scientist. after much deliberation, favorite song of the moment is:

DANIEL COWMAN. It's almost Oedipus, but not quite.

my regina gateway song and favorite song overall (my tom traubert's blues): GHOST OF CORPORATE FUTURE.

my top ten list:

1. Ghost of Corporate Future

2. Daniel Cowman

3. Us

4. Samson

5. Lady

6. Oedipus

7. Chemo Limo

8. Braille

9. Apres Moi

10.Field Below

As I write up my list, I find it ironic that my favorite album by far is 11:11, and yet only one song from that stellar album has cracked my top ten. My least favorite album, the ghost of corporate regina, Begin to Hope, has three in the top ten. hmmmm...

Anyway, it is well to meet you lot. I think I will post this whole thing again in a new topic. Hope no one minds.

Does anyone know of an unofficial, non-record label affiliated regina forum out there somewhere? i don't mean to sound uppity, but it seems a little crowded in here... maybe it's just guilt from cheating on the waits forum...



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