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very awesome. and enlightening. i am 17, and i see that my work has definatly improved. two years ago i read wilderness by jim morrison and got the idea in my head to burn my own work to "creativly move on" like he did, so i dont have much of my old work anymore, but from what i can remember i have improved, though i am often guilty of being hypercritical. i have fun with my music, and dont expect to go anywhere, an really would probably just like to play small gigs for kicks when i get older.

thank you for your insight, and again your music is great! your lyrics are truly amazing!

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and. this is so great!!!! it is very cool. when i first played it, it took me back to blind melon, and even kind of nirvana-y.. and a little cranberries-ish too! love the style for sure.. the second song reminded me even more of nirvana... and i love the violins.. im a sucker for strings <3

and.. i like your voice too. and they lyrics are so amazing! "just to keep the balance intact" great stuff. i hope you go as far as you wish with your music! this is great stuff! please keep it up!

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