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a capella jess....

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If you ever dare say anything about the way you look again I will personally, well, do nothing, other than give you much grief (maybe pull the Mrs. Van Halen thing out again).

There's not one stupid thing about it either.

You look fantastic and sound great. Keep it up.

Maybe you'll encourage others to try it now. I would. I just don't want to scare the piss out of you or be responsible for broken pc speakers Wink

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Originally posted by Cynthia:

I loved it! You're voice is really beautiful!

Now I want to see you sing "Pale Septembre" Razzer

this is my next mission...i need a bigger memory card... Razzer that is why i picked the shortest regina song besides dead rat..(that song gets too amazing for me and by amazing i mean high) i would love to sing pale septembre..i tryed it out at the cafe i sing out regularly and the audience liked it so i feel better about it now.

thnx for all the comments... and am pretty sure of more regina songs to come in the future... thnks again...

i cant wait till winter so i can post the hotel song...hehe that will make you all laugh!

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yay you got a camera!!

that was awesome

you have to keep posting videos.

you are putting all other

regina covers ive seen to shame Jessica.

so adorable.

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Remember you asked about moxy? This displays a massive amount of moxy!

Speaking of moxy......


You too demonstrate it. A+ effort.

Just so you gals both know. I don't have that kind of moxy. Besides I'm trying to save your ears!

Keep it up!

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It was amazing!!! I back up andreseng on your looks, better shut up not to embarrass you too much Smiler

I love your voice!!! It's beautiful. It's deep and low.

I am as much a Regina fan as you are, and you did great on BYOS, here comes the BUT - I think your voice needs something different than Regina's songs. You have such a great gift with this voice of yours, and Regina's songs are not perfect for it. I remember reading somewhere that you write songs yourself - I wish I could hear THAT! I am sure your own songs will do your voice better justice. You've got a treasure - don't burry it...

Thanks for sharing Smiler

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