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reg song you disliked,AT FIRST

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Originally posted by Brenna:

I can't believe so many people disliked 20 Years of Snow when they first heard it... I loved it the second I heard it! haha I guess I'm just weird Smiler

hehe. i always skipped it, i didnt like the begining, but when i heard it all the way through once.. i LOVED IT! something about when i heard the "feel the waltz" part. it just clicked. strange and

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eww i used to hate regina specter

i heard that song fidelty on vh1 and i was like wtf is this girl with a bump of hair on her forhead singing about

. syllables muchhhhh

and then a little faerie came to me and told me id be hip and with it if i like regina specter so downloaaded begin to hope off of Napster and got it.

now im stuk wiht a bunch of indian friends that throw rainbow poweder at me

thanks vagina specter

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