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i dont know if anyone still needs soho... but i just put it sendspace so figured id post it here.


BLAHH____ i have a few of those song...


making records

the noise

the virgin queen

these are the only regina songs i still need if anyone can help..

Film Score Project (SUNY Purchase)

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)

Opposite Ends (with Crimea)

and ... Little Boxes (Weeds Theme Song)

Smiler hope this helps!

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Ooooh, Stepped on a Syringe, could you send me the Crimea song too? My e-mail is in the directory too. Big Grin I had downloaded it back when it was on brottish's multiply site, but it was on our old computer and I didn't have a way to re-get it (that's not a word, I know). Wink

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