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Originally posted by the monster in your closet:

Whereas over in Buffalo NY, which is actually south of Toronto (and my region which is quite near there)They get colder, snowier winters because of the lake effect.

And in some places in Canada, such as Manitoba it gets to around -40C, in the daytime. Where I live is actually pretty much the warmest place in Canada. In the winter we get to around -30, -35 at the coldest and in the summer about 35, 40 at the very hottest.

Ooh yeah, almost went to school in Buffalo. When I went for my interview, all the trees on the campus were snapped off because of the giant blizzard they had in October.

In addition, I had the pleasure of being in Canada, near Peterborough, both when they set their 50 year high temp (~37C) and another year when it rained over 150mm in under five hours and there was a state of emergency. mmm Vacation.

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