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1999 demo tape

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the argument for peter pan seems to be that he did nothing wrong because regina said she didn't want the demo on the internet.

i don't believe that this was a planned conversation or that she had a long time to think about this. she asked that he don't leak them online.

what is the purpose of this? so people don't hear them. i don't think it was the fact that she was allergic to these songs touching the internet, but that she didn't want them heard.

i think she is a little embarassed of some of these old songs because of how much she has changed and grown. she doesn't want new fans hearing them and making a judgment based on that.

no one is right.

if you enjoy the songs, you win.

if you are a martyr for regina then you deny yourself the songs. the damage is done, and you still lose.

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do I know your friend who? at a club?

who was there? girl I wouldn't..

wait a minute, calm down

I was at the club with who?

get, you know what

Girl I'm not about to sit up here and argue with you about who's to blame

I call no names, real talk

see girl, only thing I'm trying to establish with you is not

who's right or who's wrong, but what's right and what's wrong,

real talk

just because your friend say she saw me at a club with some other bitches

sitting in VIP smoking and drinking and kicking it, tell me girl

did she say there were other guys there?

did she say there were other guys there?

were there other guys there?

well, tell me this

how she knew I was with them other girls then?

when the whole club packed? wait a minute let me finish what I've got to say

i've been with you five years and you listening to your girlfriends

I don't know why you fuck with them all jealous no man havin' ass hoes anyway

real talk

always accusing me of some old bullshit when Im just trying to have a good time

Robert you did this, Kells I heard you did that

don't you think i got enough bullshit on my mind

real talk, hold hold up

didn't I just give you money to go get yours hair, toes and nails done the other day, hmm

yeah your ass was smiling then

real talk, oh

gave who some damn money?

I aint gave nobody no damn money girl?

is you tweakin'?

real talk

you call my mommas house and what?

girl my momma aint gotta screen no calls for me

real talk, and watch your mouth

fuck me? girl fuck you!

I dont give a fuck about what you're talking about

Im sick of this bullshit im coming home and getting my shit and gettin tha fuck up out in a dodge

you aint gotta worry about me no more

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I think that if you have to keep it a secret, then it's a shameful act no matter which way you spin it.

And...I think Regina would see it that way, too.

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ok so ive been reading all these posts extremely carefully, i mean im not gonna lie i feel abit let down like the stix is just a lie, a community doesnt really exist here, this story reminds me of animal farm in a really weird unrelated way lol ahaha Wink

anyway whatever has gone down has gone down, but i wanna know something how do we not know that other tracks havent been shared in secret i.e oh marcello etc... can everybody not just be honest? does it really matter now the songs are out and are getting positive comments obvs apart from this arguement?

chin up, we have regina touring and her new fucking album out in a matter of weeks!!!


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Okay, so I'm pretty new, so I can't really give a real perspective on this whole issue.

But I don't know... I guess I always felt like the 'stix was this lovely community of bright, creative people that were beyond a lot of the drama that tends to occur on the average message board.

It would be nice to have a visit from Ms. Regina herself to give her input on all of this... but since that is out of the question, I guess we're all just going to argue it to death? Blehh.

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First order of business: The blame-

I come back to the stix and this is what I read:

Originally posted by Brenna!:

I just think it's disgusting how a select 15-20 members were chosen to be part of this little club. And the way it was done? With George being consulted on who was trustworthy? So f'ing tacky. Really hurtful, too, which is stupid, because it's just an online forum. But I really did think I was part of this community, and to find out I never was... Yeah, it sucks. Guess I'm going back to Fragment.


And now I feel dumb for my post up there, especially when I think of a lot of the comments on the YouTube videos about how the Brumstix members were trying to keep the songs within their own community, the Brumstix members are hypocrites, the Brumstix members suck, etc.

Whever this is:

this has really shocked me :o, i just think its all wrong, how dare you all say your 'real' fans knowing you shared secretly those songs, how unfair to keep people out, im glad these songs have come out, i hope one of your 'select' few did it :|


The first thing I have to say is.... grow up. Brenna, Rosa, Person I've never heard of... Grow up. This is the real world and things happen that you don't like. Things happen that aren't according to plan and aren't under your control. I know the pull this place can have on a teenage mind and if you are going to have a tantrum and storm out of this forum, do it, don't blog about it. If the reaction you want is for everyone to stand up and ask you not to go...get over it. People around arent even seeming to care about REG anymore, let alone the other members. This forum USED to be a family when I was around, and now it's a circus. Your fits aren't helping, the blame isn't helping. I'm not just directing this at you three but everyone who is all up in arms about what happened. Everyone knows the famous expression SHIT HAPPENS and believe me.... it does.

Second order of business:

Rawin Fuck you. Ahhh, just had to get that out. I feel much better now thank you. Its nice and all to play hero but also... grow up.

Third order of business: Yea, I was in the group, sorry I never told and sorry that was the whole point. BUT HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think of this forum as a living organism. People come, people go constantly!!!!! "But a precious few stay for good." When the news came that there were new songs, Peter pan and Andreseng did what they could... what they thought was fair. Don't pretend like this forum isn't exactly like high school. We've got people who want attention on this forum all the time, don't pretend like you don't post certain things because you want to be noticed or cool, I can tell by your tone that you youngin's are suseptible to this. So, correct me if I'm wrong but there are some big names that stand out when you think of the stix "the cool kids at school" srg is just like the fonz and theres andreseng, johnnyc, SOAS, squeakyc...and many more around the time this was released. A decision was made (and I believe a very tough and labored over decision) by the hierarchy of the elders and a consensus was reached to share the few songs with the tried and true stixters. The people who lasted the test of time and proved their worthyness on the stix. Im sorry if you were new at the time or just a lurker still but that is the hand you were dealt. A proud few were preciously given what seemed like the key to the pearly gates and sworn to secrecy, like the knights of templar, fo rizzle. Think what you would do???? Would you say no??? come on???

Fourth order of business: What happened happened. I for one am only sorry for one thing, that reg didn't the masses to hear it and now it's out. That was the point of this little "club" to protect reg, but look what happened, event he precious few were not good enough to keep it under wraps. Just think in the future if there is anything to share, it's not going to happen now. You could have been one of the few to know about something coming up and now.... it will never happen again. So dust your pants off, stand up and stop pouting. What is done is done and we need to get over it as a family. I still love everyone and it hurt not to be able to tell everyone! it really did but that was the rule and I for one did not want to go against regina. If you think the people inside of the group were my family too, and counting on me to keep the secret so.... damned if you do damned if you dont.

I'm not done with the stix, and I know this message will make everyone mad and ooooo, ahhhhh, were so angry with you perks. but to be honest, I barely have time to read the stix let alone post or care about little girls and boys virtually shking their fists at me. So.....

peace, perks. I love all my stixters but I desperately had to say this.

Plus, NEVER EVER make anything out to be Georges fault. You have no idea how much he holds this forum together. Be nice to him and maybe he'll give you candy.

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The notion that the point of the "club" was to protect reg makes me laugh. That is the most twisted logic I've ever heard. Clearly, forming a club did not protect her; It did just the opposite. Protecting her would have been NEVER sharing the songs. I think you meant that the point of the club was to protect the status of the select few.

I'd also like to point out that the people who are defending the sharing of the tape among the elite few are the very people who were IN the elite few.

Perks, I understand your annoyance at everybody getting upset over this, but you are being very insensitive and unwilling to see from others' perspectives. Telling people to "grow up" for speaking out against what they see as an injustice, especially when you have no way of knowing what it was to experience that injustice, is just plain wrong.

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From an outside perspective, I feel that the bullshit should have been cut from the minute the songs were leaked instead of everyone continuing the lies and making everyone more confused than they were before.

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I agree with the issue.

Firstly I LOVE the songs.

I think some people wrote to Regina's manager. I just wanted to ask if they've got a reply yet? Because I think if it really was a massive issue they would have buy now.

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