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the sign of brumstix (t-shirts)

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*BUMPED* by Em Mitchell and Dominic, i love this idea, could we give it another try, or do people have all their own shirts now?

EDIT: Step's my favourite designSmiler

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Hahaha I used SOAS' design and did this. But I'm thinking that it only sends to America.. Which would push me towards the iron on idea.

EDIT: Okay so I went onto an Irish site and got it all sorted out.. brumstix on the front (with my own heart because I couldn't get the other one across) and then on the back

Em Mitchell

<The polaroid photo of reg with her hiding behind the flowers>

"it's contagious.."

I'm thinking of going for it, just need to wait for the parentals to come home and then I'll ask them.

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