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Its not :

English (obviously)


















But it is Danish for Fare Solder....

And Dutch for Norishment Drowsy (direct translation)

And 'Kost' is Finnish for revenge...

It's Norwegian for Diet Solder...

'Kost' is also Croatian for bone...

And in Hungarian 'Kost' is Tobacco-Pouch...

In Polish its costume...

'Lodder' is Welsh for carousal...

And thats all the languages i know out Razzer

Don't think that helps but it was worth a try...

Big Grin

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hey, this is funny. In fact, both words can be Dutch as said above... but to be honest, I've never heard of it... Strikes me as something a Frisian or Tukker (eastern border region) might say... "'k bin sa kost lodder" (my ex-girlfriend might have said that once), or it could be an older turn of phrase that's not in use anymore. Anyways, Dutch is a compound language, a standardisation of the various dialects in the Rhine/meuse/sceldt-delta.

Kost is a word for both value (cost) and indeed nourishment. The "kostwinner" is the person in a family who brings in the money and consequently the food (which costs money/wat geld kost).

Lodder is an older word not widely used anymore but used to describe something which "sags", a person who has a sagging eyelid has a Lodderoog.

as you usually sag when you get drowsy, the literal translation cleo mentioned is quite correct but I do believe that it's a dialect phrase, rather than standard Dutch.

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Originally posted by Cleo:

[...]it is Danish for Fare Solder[...]

Sorry, but it isn't. Kost Lodder is utterly gobbledygook in Danish.

In Danish (my native language) 'kost' could mean broom, food or diet. 'Lodder' means weights, lots, or (verb) soldering.

Where did you find those two words and what do they have to do with Regina Spektor?

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