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Aww, I missed you too steppy.

Who else has disappeared? Let's get the old crew back together for a reunion tour!

(apologies for thte subthread-thread I've just created with that question)

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Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe:

alot of the oldies..

like, i chatted with Stwongbad

and srg and a few others

dang how ive missed ur Signature. =P

Yeah, stwongbad dave is a legend, and srg is should be the first inductee to the Spektorite Hall of Fame. Should I assume that Django is still around? He's awesome as well. Met him at a show once even. I wonder what ever happened with him and the Russian girl that came on here looking for him after one of the shows.... That was pure Brumstix class on his part.

Ahh, I love this place.

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