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Name That reg Tune

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Originally posted by i like wonder bread:


Twenty Years of Snow!!!!

Well I was actually thinking Your Honor as in:

You said come on baby let's just make love it's the only thing to make me better.......

But those words are also in 20 Years Of Snow.

Now the last one from Bex, "so I didn't" is actually in two songs also. Rejazz and Flyin'.

So carry on.....

"him with two"

EDIT: Wonder bread beats the's his turn with "you must"

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one more time with feeling and dulce et decorum... you can sing part of the choruses together !!!!!!! its awesome!

the boldest "you can spend your whole life wating for god to kiss you." matches the melody of the boldest "this is why we figh---igh---t"

its so cool.

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