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" They started out beneath the knowledge tree.

Then they chopped it down to make white picket fences,

And, marching along the railroad tracks,

They smile real wide for the camera lenses.

They made it past the enemy lines

Just to become enslaved in the assembly lines."

Thats my favorite one at the moment

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^^ I'm pretty sure everyone loves that quote. Big Grin

"The things that used to comfort me don't comfort me, not anymore"

"The leaves become most beautiful when they're about to die, when they're about to fall from trees, when they're about to dry...up" Smiler

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Now that I'm reading all those phrases I could just cry because she is so brilliant (does that make any sense?)!

It's hard for me to get the right meaning of all these sentences, cause I'm not a native speaker, but I also have a few favourite-regina-lyrics.

"She's twenty years of clean and she never truly hated anyone or anything"

"There's no one here to stop me from being so excentric and being so lonley"

"You can't spend your whole life waiting for god to kiss you"

"Raindrops are falling on my head, but that doesn't mean that I am dead"

"We're born alone and then we're covered by m-m-m-mother's kisses

The mind has already forgotten what the body still misses"

"Tell me what you told me again and I might believe you next time

maybe give it another try"

"I can't hear you

I can't hear you anymore

I can't hear you

I can't hear you through this noise"

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"in a town that's cold and grey, we will have a sunny day"

"one more time with feeling, try it again- breathing's just a rhythm"

"selling crumb free bread, THIS is new york!"

"mothers prefer doctors and laaa-aaaaw- oiers"

"chicken soup, mashed potatoes, gravy, orange juice, milkshakes pudding, oatmeal soft-served ice cream"

pretty much the entirety of pound of flesh.

... pretty much the entirety of the spektography. yeah.

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