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Thank You! I haven't been able to write for a while but the drug like effects of this site have never worn off. I still read most of your posts, only now I have to hide in bathroom stalls in between lectures and snort your interesting lives off a laptop. I just realized why I could never be a school teacher with such analogies. Anyways, I'd like to say hello to everyone of old, and introduce myself to everyone new, even though weirdly enough I vicariously know more about most of you than members of my family. Hopefully I can meet some of you in January for the show I'm using Goonie-like tactics to be able to attend. пока

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Well, I celebrated my birthday with Jesus and... he added a gumdrop to his cake just to show he was better than me. Then as I cried in the corner he turned my tears to wine so that I could, "taste his victory". It's just a thing we do, we're great friends really. Razzer

Thanks everyone, you guys/gals/gargoyles are awesome!!!

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