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I'm logging in for the first time in how long ... since Jan 5th (since then, I fell in love, got my heart fractured, and alternate between feeling depressed and being numb now), to wish our rainna a happy happy birthday!

Since I'm not creative, here's my fb post:

HELLO Riikka/rainna!! Happy birthday, you! Cheers! Have a fantastic 21st!

Here's your birthday song:

Jay Jay Pistolet - Happy Birthday You

Well, if I had my way

We'd have a birthday every week

And you'd choose to spend them all with me

I'd come down to the bus stop,

Say you can't go to work

You'd take my hand faithfully

Then I'd gift wrap my heart

And I'd write you a new song

I'd try to right all your wrongs

I would play with your hair

And suggest what to wear

And I'd paint a smile where it belongs


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And I already thanked you on fb, but thanks again for brightening my day! And I must add that I'm very impressed that my birthday got you back to Stix after such a long time! I hope this isn't just a one-time comeback gig, though. I've been all Y U NO BRUMSTIX, LENNONIST for a while now! (Not that I have been very active myself... But still! I do read the forums regularly! And I just used a meme to express myself. That's not good. I'll just go be 21 now and try not to think that Adele was already making her second album when she was 21.)

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