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is the new shiney version of better only being released in america cos i cant find it here in the uk or even any info for it? i have a coloured vinyl addiction and must have blue vinyl! iv seen one or two on ebay but paying shipping makes it kinda pricey and if its gonna be released over here then i dont wanna waste money.

ill need to get around to posting my regina collection but my home broadband has been down for over 6 weeks Frowner

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Damn you, Peter Pan. DAAAAAMN YOOOOOOOOU! A hard copy of 11:11? Hard copy of Songs? You sucks muchos huevos.

I can't afford shit, haha! I only have hard copies of Soviet Kitsch & BTH and then 11:11&Songs from iTunes.

And I don't know how to put pictures up so I can't show them in a creative form!!! *cries*

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