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Your Regina Collection!

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My wee little collection:

11:11 (legal, paid download)

Songs CD

Soviet Kitsch CD (regular edition)

Begin to Hope CD (regular edition, live bootlegs of bonus tracks)

far CD (Special Edition with DVD)

And, coming soon:

On the Radio Vinyl

Its not much, but I do what I can I guess.

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I feel like I stumbled onto a hidden museum that's been lost or forgotten.

Originally posted by peter pan:

I will part with these when someone pries them from my cold dead hands!


Originally posted by peter pan:

Originally posted by BitsOfBone:

Who's Fred?

He's the guy Regina gave the tape to. He was in the music business and she hoped he would promote her music. Turns out he did't.

So years later he put the tape on ebay.

Originally posted by peter pan:

Originally posted by the*sculptors*marble:

how much did you pay for the casette mr pan???

I think it was something like US$560.

I don't know who you are, but thank you for this. For your nobel deeds, I award you the belated Human of the Year award for 1999. Now, who wants to go update and ? We can link to this page as the source.

You can enjoy this mystery 1999 demo here:

More pics here:



Provenance of Regina Spektor 1999 Demo Cassette.

In 1999 I had a Russian girlfriend. Irina's mom, Hinya, was friends with Regina Spektor's mom so when Regina wanted to talk to people with music business experience, Hinya mentioned my name. I had been in Black Velvet Flag, a band with an indie record deal in the mid 1990s. Regina called me up and I told her everything I knew about the record biz, then she sent me the tape. After listening to it a couple of times I realized that she had tremendous talent at making music that wasn't my taste. I put the tape away, knowing that someday someone was going to be very interested in it.

Now it's yours. Enjoy!

Fred Stesney

New York, NY 2007


for Fred ->

Regina Spektor © Demo

1. Chicken Song

2. Braille

3. Love Affair

4. Cinderella

5. School Is Out

6. Sunshine

All songs written + performed by me (Regina Spektor)

© 1999 Regina Spektor

Produced by Joe Ferry


Engineered, Mixed, and Produced by Richie Castellano, Co-Produced by Regina Spektor, Mastered at EricHSound by Eric Helmuth, Art Design and Photography by David Panarelli, Co-Designed by Regina Spektor, All songs written by, and copyright of Regina Spektor

Piano, vocals- Regina Spektor

Bass, percusion- Chris Kuffner

Thank You to: Mama and Papa-there are no words, only kisses. Babooshkas, Dedooshkas, Bear, Mous, Roza, Olgs, Colleen, Arti, Anna, and all my other friends and family-too numerous to mention, and too wonderful to attempt and describe (you know who you are...) Sam and Sonia- giving love and music, most kindest gifts of all. Evgenia little Petrov piano, wherever you are. Purchase College People- Professors Joe Ferry, James EcElwaine, Dary John Mizele, Todd Coolman, Charles Blenzig, Alyson Bellnick, and Lydia Popelyash and many more teachers, staff, and off course students, who happen to rock (very hard). Sidewalk Caffe. Nick Szatmari-for lending a bass. David Panarelli, Eric Helmuth-for kindly helping a little disc achieve its shrink-wrapped destiny. Jasyn Conklin, Keith Abrams. Richie-for your talent, dedication, and inspiring work ethic. Chris-for your musicality and strings over wood. I was so lucky to work with you both. Anderson, mermaids, moon, mozart, snow, little prince... they make me happy, singing does too, many other things also. One who paints sunsets, has no name, gives 11:11... and since, no matter how many times I say it, I'll still be in debt, might as well one more- thank you...

for lyrics or booking information visit

email: r e g i n a p o l i s -at- hotmail dot-com

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I currently have...

Begin to hope: special and original version Cd.

Soviet Kitsch DVD version.


Special Edition Far with Lithograph

Begin to hope Vinyl

Soviet Kitsch Vinyl

Far vinyl

Us Single (I won this one. Thank you by the way.)

Regina Drumsticks

Regina Tote(got it for a friend but never gave it away)

Regina T-Shirt

2 ticket stubs

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