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college paper on a regina song

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I would say the virgin queen. because it ties in so close to the true story of elizabeth 1.... it is half super-apparently about her, and half needing to be analyzed. so...i think that is a really good one to do.

and if you want one without any story line..i really really would love to see an analysis of Mustard Musketeers.

all the rowboats would be good, and go heavy into theory about art imprisonment...

ave maria also has some good stuff to talk about. because i think the meaning could go two spereate ways.

i would also love to see an analysis of small town moon. too it would be easy to talk about.

there are some good songs... hope that helps. i would love to do a paper on a song esp. a regina song.. wish my english teachers were that cool. we skipped over poetry last year. can you believe that. i think we read 'a dream defered' for he twentieth time and that was the whole poetry unit.. stupid people..poetry and music are so important to literature.

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Good choice.

I always wonder about this one. I think the Samson in the song can't really be the Samson in the Bible. For one thing, "the Bible never mentioned us, not even once."

Also, the woman says that the man is her "sweetest downfall." In the Bible it's the opposite (woman is the downfall).

Lots of details from the Bible story show up in the song, but transformed---maybe the point is to show the differences between that kind of heroic story and this more ordinary love story.

The ordinary Samson gets his hair cut by his lover but likes it fine. He eats some Wonder bread and goes back to bed. Unlike the biblical Samson, he never pulls any columns down.

Still, the ordinary Samson is a hero to the woman, and is powerful enough to be her downfall.

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Woah..what a nice teacher you must have to let you do that! At school I did mainly Seamus Heaney poetry, and i like him as much as the next person..but bog poem after bog, it just gets so darn boring! All the best with your paper Smiler

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I'm sorry to bring this up over a month later, but this is a topic that greatly interests me as a fan.

Both Us and Samson have a lot of famous/infamous imagery and meanings contained within their lyrics (their pages... if you will).

I've never thought of a literal reference to Samson and Delilah because there is mention to them in the bible, and that's the whole point.

This song is about the modern relationship between a man and a woman, and the changes and sacrifices we make for others within a relationship. Sometimes those relationships weaken or even fall apart, and it’s from this perspective she's written this song.

From the very opening we know that their relationship isn't perfect, but there is obviously a lot of passion and emotion if someone is willing to write a song about their reflections on loving another person.


This might get long.


You are my sweetest downfall.

I loved you first.

Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth.

I have to go.

Your hair was long when we first met.


Her "Samson" was her first love. She’s leaving him and sorry for the changes he's made during their relationship.

The line "beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth", is talking about this song, but also contains reference to the bible and the original version of the story where Delilah cuts Samson’s hair, and is thus remembered throughout history for breaking his trust.

This song is supposed to show the truth about their love. She uses the word "lies" right before truth here as well which I don't think is intentional, but could also saying that herein could also contain the truth about her "lies", or cutting of his hair. As you well know Samson was the one who lied to Delilah 3 times about his weakness before confessing, and she used this fact to guilt him when it was her who truly had questionable intentions throughout the entire relationship. This is also a valid parallel.


I think that the next set of lyrics is both a literal reference to the biblical night reference to S&D, as well as a tongue-and-cheek reference to the fact that her lover is going bald.


Samson went back to bed,

not much hair left on his head.

Ate a slice of wonder bread and

went right back to bed.

and the history books forgot about us

and the bible doesn’t mention us

not even once.


Wonder bread. Yep just like you and me or anyone else. She’s talking about how her lover is just a normal guy, but how any normal person can be a superhero in the eyes of their lover. The bible doesn't even mention them because they're not the real Samson and Delilah. They’re merely one of the many normal couples that have had a passionate relationship slowly come tumbling down.


The next line reiterates her opening sentiments after her rambling about Samson more.


You are my sweetest downfall

I loved you first , I loved you first

Beneath the stars came falling on our heads

But they're just old light

They're just old light

Your hair was long when we first met


"Beneath the stars came falling on our heads, but they’re just old light... they’re just old light."

Star imagery has been used to denote greater meaning and fate for ages. She’s mentioning how their love parallels that of Samson and Delilah, but how silly that is because stars are just old light from far away, much like the story of s&d is just an old far away story.


Now she’s back in to moment with Samson

Samson came to my bed

Told me that my hair was red

Told me I was beautiful and came into my bed

I cut his hair myself one night

A pair of dull scissors and the yellow light

He told me that I'd done all right

and kissed me till the morning light the morning light

and he kissed me till the morning light

She's still talking about their relationship, though I'm not sure about parallels to Delilah here (was her hair red?). In the biblical story Delilah holds him while asleep, and a servant is brought in to cut his hair, while in their own relationship, she broke him (cut his hair) one night. They must have had a terrible fight or betrayal, one that was forgiven by her Samson, showing how much love he has for her, and why the writing of this song is so difficult for her.

The final reference to the inability to break the columns down is a reference to the bible, though Samson broke the columns down himself, not with the help of Delilah.

She’s still using the analogy that while this man with her might be "balding" or weaker because of their relationship (lost his independence, gave up his wild ways, etc), who eats wonder bread like anyone else and doesn't have superhero strength/biblical fame, he is still her first love, and her first experience with placing someone on a putative perch, only to have it slowly fall down and end (or be ending during the song).

Her final line is her last goodbye.

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That was one heck of a first post.

If you do a search you'll find there are many perceptions about the meaning behind regina's lyrics.

Your post has merit and many interesting points. I've seen others draw interesting parallels too and in a completely different direction than the one you went in. I enjoy reading all the theories though as it gives insight in to how others perceive her lyrics.

The one thing most people around here agree upon is that reg does what she does with her lyrics to get us thinking and doing exactly what you have done.

If you've ever seen her being interviewed, the last thing anyone should do is ask her the meaning of a song. She almost always says something like, it doesn't mean anything. She'll get all quiet and act almost dumb about it. But we all know she's highly intelligent as evidenced by these lyrics.

Bottom line: Only reg knows what reg meant when she wrote a song, and she ain't tellin!!!

Glad to have you join us. I look forward to reading your posts. Cool

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Well thank you for the welcome.

I've seen many perspectives on her songs since posting this, and I think I'll probably give my own take of US in the future. That would be the song I feel the most passionate about.

I love the soup forum! I stole one of the recipes and im going home to make it now.

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