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Stepped On A Syringe

Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch Zine

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I know just how you feel. I had put a bid in for one that was up today. It wasn't buy it now though. I had a class just before it closed..and I found a comp. in the library to check on it and I was still winning with 18 minutes left. Then I drove home and when I hopped on the computer I found out I had lost at the last minute. It went for like.. $50. Frowner Oh well..

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Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe:

it was so cheap

14 bucks.

and i want the survival guide book SO bad

i have SK

the vinyl, singles, promos.

i need the book.

I can relate. I finally got a hard copy off of ebay. Smiler

Don't forget though you can still download a copy here:

Sure it's not the same but at least you can see the content.

Edit: Link updated

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wow. thanks G. that is like the coolest thing ever. this is what makes regina the coolest person alive.

pg8 says "bisous bisous" how cute is that!

that article in KING is adorable! has anyone ever found an online link for that?

anyways, this just solidifys my beliefs that regina personifys all that is good and right in the world.

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