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Originally posted by makingstuffup:

It's not nearly as bad as comic sans. It's a very "Regina" font. I was a bit surprised by the choice of font for the far album (Bo Diddlioni Stencil NF). Wonder what they'll choose for the next album? Smiler

Yeah, that's an unexpected font to use for the album. I'd disagree, I think a cursive font suits her more. I have to admit, I really love Regina's signature, the ♡ respekt in cursive is positive and relatively egoless and sweetly short. I still think Courier seems like a childish and archaic font to record telegraphs. Every other website have a set preference for Helvetica/Arial/Verdana (except curiously uses Tahoma and uses Georgia).

Sans serif is def really hip right now. It seems to be in the vogue as a throwaway from the authoritarian CAPS in the corporate world, to make companies look friendlier to the younger generation, and I don't mind the trend among the design community. I am making a poster board for a semester project (on the future of farming being urban/indoors/vertical). Seeing that all the other posters look deathly dull, I think I'm going to have the title in my poster lowercase and green. Futura and Century Gothic seem the sexiest choices. I also like the new fonts Microsoft has too: Calibri, Corbel, and the serif Cambria.

When I did newspaper in high school, I used Garamoud for the header, Georgia for headlines, Franklin Gothic for the by-line and photo credits and description, and a serif font for the body text to make the newspaper more credible. Yay for typography geeks.

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