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Let's get this thread back on topic...

Jodi knits quilts and blankets thus, with every stitch, she gives warmth and love to the world, yes, the WORLD- and that is no easy task.

Kandi can play the trumpet and simultaneously march in formation while also wearing a goofyband hat, and that is a trumpet playing formation marching goofy band hat wearing skill that I have yet to perfect.

I applaud you both *stands on hood of car raises hands over head and claps. Jonh Cusack shows up with a boombox*


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Initially i liked Leaves lots because her screen name made me think of Autumn when leaves become most beautiful, and Autumn fills me with happy feelings, therefore in my mind Leaves character has become imbued with wonderfulness, even though i have not met her and cannot verify the aforementioned wonderfulness. However, she has proved to be an appreciator and creator of lovely things since she makes cool videos, which show an arty edge, (i really like the one with the music from eternal sunshine btw). She also appreciates and understands Edward Monkton, which shows great wisdom and a pure soul. Well done....

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