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I must be sort of late, but welcome to Brumstix, Christy-Ann! Smiler

Christy is cool because her compliments are sincere and well thought-out. Also, she enjoys ballroom dancing, and she's from Canada! Cool

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Oh Rosa, it's never too late! Thank you very much for the welcome. Your comment totally made my day! Smiler

While I'm here...

Rosa, since I don't know you very well, I thought I'd look up some of your old posts and try to get an idea of what you're like (I don't really feel like going to bed yet Big Grin ). I appreciate that you really seem to care about your fellow Stixers. If someone's having a bad day, you make a point of giving them your condolences and wishing them well. Plus, ou-yay eek-spay Ig-pay Atin-lay. At-whay is-way ooler-cay an-thay at-thay? Razzer

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i just stopped by to point out how great George is. he's always looking out for everyone, and very mature (sometimes)... he's like... Papa Brumstix! Big Grin

and Christy-Ann, hello! idk if i've properly welcomed you to the stix. So, welcome to the stix! i'm kinda new, too, and so i don't know you well, either, but i like that you are honest, nice, sincere, and the fact that you can type in pig latin lol and you were very gutsy in creating that board to introduce yourself. i was too chicken, so i just plopped myself into a busy board like i'd been here all along haha

oh! and you're canadian, just like my friend Kathleen (and she's really cool, too)! Wink

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Yay BLtWP is one of my favorite people on here... She has a really intelligent sense of humor and she's got so much to say about everything and she always knows how to say it maturely, insightfully, and with wit. Plus she seems like she'd be really cool to hang out with.

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i remember this thread! ooo it was one of my favourites!

T.I.H.I.W is super awesome because of his refreshing maturity and the way he seems to understand everything without being a know it all. The kind where he'll say something and i'll think, wow that makes so much sense, why didn't i think of that? Also he genuinely cares about everyone which is lovely Smiler

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Originally posted by Christy-Ann:

Oh this is such a brilliant idea for a thread! Good thinking Brenna!

I love Brady because, like everyone says, he is so enthusiastic and so passionately loves Regina. I also love him because when I first joined the Stix he gave me one of the warmest and most enthusiastic welcomes. He made me feel right at home here, even though I was new and nervous. He always seems to have a positive attitude and has always given me, hearty, thoughtful replies. Thanks Brady. Big Grin

And since we seem to have skipped Lilly, I thought I'd write for her too. I don't know you all that well Lilly, since I haven't been on the Stix for long, but you also gave me a warm welcome when I joined. I like that you're a baker, because sometimes there's nothing like baked goods to lift someone's spirits. I like that you can see the beauty in and enjoy cold rainy days, because they usually just make me grumpy. And, I like that you can appreciate science because a lot of it goes right over my head. We need Lillys in the world. Big Grin

^^ Aw, thanks Christy-Ann! Big Grin Your pretty awesome yourself! And you are from Cananda! I would like to live in British Columbia........

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I love the idea of this thread! Thank you, Brenna! for starting it. The rule of this game is to compliment the person who posted above you.

Hmm, I'm going to try to say something nice about everyone I can remember who I have interacted with on here. I'm not as good as a complimenter as Eats Beats (see page 10), but I will try. I wish she didn't leave, because she seemed like such a nice person.

ctrl+f for your name. If I missed you, then let me know somehow.

I haven't met anyone on this board. I am facebook friends with a few members here. I was geographically very close to the 'stixers that saw her at the Dillo Day free college music festival at Northwestern University. I was in the presence of Jamie/dentistgirl, Aaron/eshbach, Ksenia, Justin/KarlProjectorinski though I didn't get to meet them (or Regina) and was on the opposite side of the audience.

Don't forget to join the "Calling all Brumstixers" group on facebook:


  • Thank you, Serge (srg) and your sis, for being the original super-fan. srg is a badass. He was the 14th person to register on this board (regina being first). And he's seen an ungodly amount of bands live.


The ultimate music-fan and concert go-er. Serge is super-human or something.

spektography is a god for hosting all those live recordings of Regina's rare songs. (

jonndailey is an awesome web developer for starting the website.

adamjk is awesome for running spektoritis and making

Jamie (dentistgirl) writes and shares the best recollections in great depth about her concert experiences. We are thankful for her gracious taping of concerts so fellow stixers can enjoy special shows. It's like we were there and enjoying the moments with her.

I like Mr. Aaron Eshbach because he's just so cuddly. *squeezes ya and smells your shampoo* Also, I love him cause he shares his concert experiences and music. I especially love him cause he shared "Opposite Ends (Live in St. Louis" by The Crimea with a poem recitation by Regina Spektor with me. He also maintains and did the coding for it, IIRC(?). He's recorded/taped lots of shows, and for that we're grateful. He's just an awesome and generous guy in general.

George (andreseng) is just so helpful and friendly to everyone. He looks out for everyone. He's made like almost over 9,000 quality posts. So much karma. And he was quite the stud back in his day.

JohnnyC should be noted for being an awesome super-fan. We are ever grateful for his Everlasting Brumstix Spektography Project.

Peter pan is the man. Old-timer brumstixer.

I like Barth cause he likes oldies and politiks well. He listens to Bert Jansch and Pentangle, so he must be awesome.

Anthony Minsky is so cool. Incredibly thoughtful and a great grand-dad. He listens to awesome oldies and indie music.

IDontCare doesn't seem to come around these parts anymore, but he wis a good guy. I hope he's making progress with kicking his smoking addiction.

Justin (Karl Projektorinksi) is a thoughtful person and always posts insightful comments.

Dunno if I'm confusing karlprojektorinski with the other guy, but he's cool too.

ohmarcello is a valued member on here and I wish her well with her library crush. ;^)

Amanda (BitsOfBone) has seen so many great movies and writes wonderful reviews.

makingstuffup is a great poster on here and must be cool for being fellow redditor.

Alicia (Reginaoverdose) runs the best tumblr-blog about Regina Spektor and she's a great ballet dancer.

Raphael (RJLupin2) listens to awesome music and is a great poster on the forums. He exudes coolness throughout the day.

Riika (rainna) is a really nice person. She expresses things so well. She's a caring friend and a nice person. She listens to great music and she's going to be a great musician or music teacher.

Emelie (sweetness in my lungs) is a wonderful Swedish pianist-singer-songwriter. She's just phenomenal. Her voice is so beautiful and her lyrics meaningful. Go check out her set that she posted. True to her screenname, she's also very sweet and pretty and in a relationship. (

Shira (the monster in your closet) is awesome because she's been on these forums since she was 12. She has really nice artwork and a great original song as well as some really good covers. I'm thankful to her for introducing me to the band Hop Along, Queen Ansleis whose album is in my top 10 favorite albums ever. She has a diverse music library and also is a Whovian. She has a fun penchant for fashion and she is a seasoned traveller, having spent some time in Africa and France. She's just a nice friend in general, and bakes lots of tasty things.

Ellie (who said I was a cloud?) is a precocious young 'stixer and nerdfighter. Such a sweet girl with excellent taste in too many things. I fear for how hipster she will be with time.

Rosa! is awesome for listening to all kinds of awesome indie music.

Radka (Appt) can understand Slavonic languages (being from Czech Republic) and is just cool in general. And she's an attractive woman. Can I say that? Is the truth. And she's a Whovian.

Brianna (Be like the water, people.) is a great caring and supportive friend.

Mikaela (almostspotless) is almost spotless. We love her because she is so clean! And she listens to great classical and contemporary music.

Caybren (Kb93) is a hoty with a body. He's a really nice model and photographer as well. And he's smart too, probably.

I like MusicLover_2009, because man... that guy is a riot with his one-liners trying to get us riled up against each other and keeping the forums afloat. Every village needs its resident troll. Thank you, ML09 for your service to the cummunity. Also, I want to thank him for giving me a reason to try out Lily Allen.

Hunter (i like wonder bread) is a smart, versatile, multi-talented person. He got a 34 on the ACT on his first try. Very impressive feat. We expect great big things.

Jeremy (Stepped On A Syringe) is also a talented and very smart person. His youtube covers are really good. Great taste in music. Great voice. And he's cute too. (

Jared (ThisIsHowItWorks) is a smart frood. He knows how things work. And he's pretty cute. He's got a cool family.

Brenna! is a old member on here and a spirited traveller of the world.

Eats Beats is a caring, sincere, loving, thoughtful, considerate, and friendly person.

Marie (I Am A Mermaid) is a fun concert-goer and we're grateful for her providing the setlist for Dylan Fest '11.

thefinalfling is a cool guy from Scotland. And he likes Doctor Who. Bonus cool points.

Brady is such a nice and well-meaning person. Wish you the best, buddy.

Yaya is such a good complimenter and surely a nice and sincere person.

Ricky (fidelity377) is a swell guy. Also wish you the best in life. Great taste in singer-songsirens.

Lilly has excellent taste in oldies. Who could go wrong with Jethro Tull, Emerson Lake Palmer, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin.

Kandice (kandi) is cool for watching good movies and is pretty hipster girl.

Jamie R. has excellent taste in culture and is living up life.

Kimberly Anne (kim.chi.respektor) is a nice young girl and is awesome for listening to great oldies and classical music.

Klachopis is a cool guy. He is very thoughtful and the music he put up is something special.

I don't know Jodi (SugarDrive), but she lives in Milwookie and had the first brumstix wedding and baby if I'm not mistaken.

Marielle (hisnameism) is funny. She's just a cool person in general.

Mark (sgtcampsalot) is a quality poster on here and looks cool.

Dynamo_girl is a fun traveller.

mikael253 is a cool punky guy.

bum bum bum is an astute poster on here, and I can't help but hear "That Time" in my head when I come across her (his?) posts.

Emmerrrrrrr is a very gool and nice Dutch person.

SmallTownMoon is a quality poster on here.

JustinPoll is a nice and friendly guy who listens to great music.

Michael (Em Mitchell) is a cool guy and good fan.

Ksenia is a good poster and a nice person.

Katy (kaysntees) is pretty and a great artist with great taste in indie music. ( and

Sara (BabyImBadNews) has wonderful curly hair.

Poor Little Rich Boy is handsome and cool-looking.

Dominic is a cool guy. He posts a lot and doesn't afriad of nothing.

Cynthia is a very nice girl and she has a fair amount to say. (Sorry, don't know well, hence vague compliment)

Marija (marjerina) is awesome because she's read great books, is a good articulator, and is awesome in general.

Marianka listens to awesome classic rock and indie and reads good stuff. She has great inspirational figures. She sortof never posted again after her second post.

Elvira (lucillepavlov) listens to great stuff and is awesome for a budding teenager.

Emmaline is a nice and accepting young girl. She is advanced for her age. She gives great output and must have great parents.

Kate (Kateateyou) is cool cause she reads Artemis Fowl and listens to great female singer-songwriters.

Ryan H. (LDM) is a fun guy. Collects good music.

Faith (Reginasarus) listens to awesome indie rock.

Sean (Pavlov's Truck) is cool guy. I met him on reddit once. His username is jasperpaddles, so I said "You're a fascist pig" from the film Children of Men, and he didn't get it at first.

AJ (ajalaw) is a old member on here who returned recently and we're glad to have him. He knows good films.

Jordane (kaoir) is a clever girl from France. She listens to good rock, folk, classical, and indie.

Jess (PerksOfAWallPower) reads great literature and is a great singer.

Yesy is a really good musician/singer.

Greg is eh nice guy. Everybody loves Greg.

delite. Yo. I delight in seeing your name 'round here.

E.J. is cool-looking and a great music student.

Julie (jellybeanjules) is cool. I approve of her politics and most of her tastes.

Bella (a jelly or a jam) is so awesomely multiculture. She's read great books and listens to great music.

lennonist is a cool guy. He likes mangoes, is like the world's biggest Beatles fanatic, is too honest and tries to cover it up being being ambigiously sarcastic.


Let me know somehow if I missed anyone and I'll compliment them. If I made any mistakes with regards to names, gender, or details, free free to smack me on the side of my head.

As you can tell, I got tired and lazy with some *ahem most* of these compliments. Apologies are mine.

Now, if you're wondering, how the fuck did lennonist find out this shit about me? The answer is stalking. Copious amount of stalking and searching archives. Or just remembering. Mostly from remembering stuff I've read over time. If I wrote a weak or generic compliment about you, then that means I don't know you well and you are hard to stalk.

This excercise made me realize that there are a lot of active members on here and that I've been on here for a long time now. Wow, this post took me a loooong while - longer than I expected. It was a tall order to deliver. I felt obligated to include everyone that introduced themselves in my questionaire thread as a reward to them, so reply on there if you haven't.

If anyone wants to, feel free to hit me up on or shoot me a msg at my gmail, erchitect if you need anything or just want to talk. =^)

Happy X-mas (declare peace) and a happy 2012, let's hope it's a good one.

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Nobody can outdo Lennonist, whose post above is among the greatest I have ever read, here or elsewhere and Lennonist alone has had some of the greatest.

I could easily be the oldest person on this board, or at least close to it, but it doesn't really matter. Everyone who posts here has a calendar, at least one in their head, that is marking off the dates until May when there will be more Regina to sink into our souls.

In the meantime, there will be a new Jenny Owen Youngs, some new Natalie Dawn and something from Allison Weiss, so 2012 will be a good year, at least for our ears and our inner beings. Which is good.

Happy everything, Lennonist, and everyone else.

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Just kiddin'. I was gonna leave this with just 'ditto', but I din't have the guts Smiler

Wow! I got mentioned! This IS a nice site. If anyone is like me, I do get a little tingle when someone comments on my entry. I'm guilty a lot with reading and not commenting. Not sure I can do it everytime but I'll try and do it more. I think it's kind of courteous. Especially if you liked what you read, or liked what someone shared (as in a song or picture or link to an article or whatever)

Now as far as lennonist is concerned, my fellow beatle nut. I think we would all agree that he or she (I'm so sorry I don't know that) is by far the most active brumstixer we have, at least lately. Out of love for this site and Regina, I think it's fair for us all to log in once in awhile. I don't think I'll ever quite match our buddy lennonist, but I can do better. It's always easy to do when somethings going on, like a new album, or a new show, but I think it's good to do even in the slow times. Sounds like a good 2012 resolution to me. Smiler So my compliment to lennonist is, way to represent my friend.

Much Regina love (and Beatleness) Smiler


P.S. - Also A shout out or a "yaya" to yaya for reviving the thread. Smiler

And just because there is all this niceness I will share some random personal favorite Beatles and Regina with you all: Smiler Happy Tuesday!!

The Beatles

(I'm sure you know this song, but it's not one people always think of when they think of Beatle songs, and isn't it just nice to hear it again) Smiler (Also, tell me what you think. Notice the hard driving piano. Isn't that kind of Regina-y, like with 'Machine' or parts of 'Edit'? I love her love for the Beatles)


(This is a great example of why we love her so much. She absolutely sings the crap out of this. Watch her mouth and eyes and hair. She's head bobbin' and hair floppin' and she just becomes the song, She IS the song. She is singing this for herself and the audience just happens to be there. Sometimes she can get a little nervous and sometimes she does this)

(Click to 'One more time with feeling' also at this Seattle concert if you you want to hear her sing something one more time with feeling) Smiler get it? See how I did that Smiler

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Barth: Thanks. =)

Though to be honest, I'd say most of my posts are for my own benefit, so I could potentially go through my comment history one day and think, 'oh yeah, that was how I felt' or 'I was obsessed with that song/band back then'.

Anthony, I love the amount of smileys in your post.

I'd say RJLupin2 is the most active person. Though he lurks mostly. And is up odd hours of the day... ;o Love you, buddy.

I am male. See my introduction in my Brümstix Questionnaire thread.

Oh no, come on here as you like. Make something else your New Year's resolution.

I was actually listening to some Beatles today: a cover of

with the riff from 'Handle With Care'.

You can sortof tell I started giving up because the quality of my compliments sharply declined halfway. Some of the compliments are just plain bad. Apologies to the ones who suffered at the expense of me getting tired.

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