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favorite song from each album

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I'm doing this for fun, because I hate ranking my favourite things seriously.

11:11 - Pavlov's Daughter

Songs - Prisoners

SK - Chemo Limo

Begin To Hope - On The Radio

Far - Blue Lips

Unreleased - Making Records

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^I love ranking things though I always get stuck unable to decide Wink

11:11 - Braille

Songs - Consequence of Sounds

SK - Ode to Divorce

BTH - Apres Moi

Far - Dance Anthem

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^^ I used to not like Machine that much, and now I can't believe it. I absolutely love it! I like it better live though, well hell, I like all of Regina's music better live.

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Originally posted by fidelity377:

11:11 - buildings or braille

Songs - lulliby

BM - the noise

SK- us

BTH- another town

New List: Smiler

Unreleased Demos: Scarecrow & Fungus

Live Recordings: Ballad Of A Politician

11:11- Buildings

Songs- Lulliby

Bull Moose: The Noise

Mary Ann: Prisoners

Soviet Kitsch- Us

Begin to Hope- Fidelity

Far- Eet

Big Grin

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Wow, this is difficult.

Live: Happy Hooker (I love Virgin Queen and Belt as well)

Demo: Carbon Monoxide (I know, it's on an album, but the demo version is my favorite)

11:11: Pavlov's Daughter (My favorite song of all time)

Songs: Oedipus and Consequence of Sounds (I couldn't decide between the two, Reading Time With Pickle is genius as well)

Soviet Kitsch: Poor Little Rich Boy (Although I hardly ever listen to the album version, I love the live Lollapalooza version too much. Ode to Divorce, Us, and Your Honor are some of my favorites as well)

Begin To Hope: 20 Years of Snow (This one was very hard, because many of my favorite songs are on this album-- Summer In The City, Field Below, Baobabs, Lady, On The Radio, Bartender, Hotel Song, Apres Moi, Hero... but I love 20 Years of Snow the most)

Far: Human of The Year (Another great album. I also love Dance Anthem of The 80s, but I prefer the older version here:

to the Far version. Blue Lips and Man of a Thousand Faces are also good)

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Discography here -

11:11 - Pavlov's Daughter

Songs - Ne Me Quitte Pas

Soviet Kitsch - Us

Begin to Hope - Hotel Song

Far - Blue Lips

live - Loveology or 8th Floor

cover - Love Profusion (Madonna), No Surprises (Radiohead), or My Dear Acquaintance (Peggy Lee)

collaboration - Two Sisters (Levon Vincent), You Don't Know Me (Ben Folds), Funderwear, Opposite Ends (The Crimea), or Modern Girls and Old Fashion Men (The Strokes.

Also, welcome to Brumstix, Emmaline. Hope you like it here.

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Demo Tape: Cinderella

11:11: I Want To Sing | (I love the bluesy-ness to it, and of course the acapella.)

Songs: Lacrimosa or Oedipus | (Can't decide because Oedipus is a long time favorite, whereas Lacrimosa is kind of a recent competitor.)

Soviet Kitsch: Somedays or Ode To Divorce | (I can't be forced to make this decision, lol. It's too difficult!)

Begin To Hope: Aprés Moi | (This was probably one of the first songs of Regina's that stuck with me since I first heard. I don't think this choice will change anytime soon.)

Far: Genius Next Door | (I was going to choose Human of the Year, but it hasn't left as much of an impact on me as GND has. Live, though, I prefer HotY.)

Live: Three way tie between Aprés Moi, Human of the Year and Blue Lips (2004 Era) | (I can't decide, lol. I love all of these songs, and to choose only one of them live is hardddd.)

Demo: Just Like The Movies | (There were many choices here, obviously, but I got the most intense chills from my first time listen of this song that just hasn't been replicated since.)

Cover: My Man | (It's so different from her normal stuff that I can't help but love it.)

Collab: Two Sisters or Live A Lie (thenewno2) | (I love them both.)

Just for the hell of it:

Marry Ann Meets the Gravediggers: Oedipus | (What?! I really wanted the excuse to say Oedipus... haha.)

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Off-topic: Raph, congrats on the offer for youtube compensation! I hope you're happy whatever you choose! (personally, i think you'd make a great vlogger! Wink )


Unreleased demo: Open (up your heart)

Demo tape: Braille

11:11: Buildings. Cannot fully comprehend to this day how awesome this song is...

Songs: Ach! The whole album.. I'll just pick... No! Too hard! I can't. I can't do it! Daniel Cowman, because it's track 6, and i'm being random.

Soviet Kitsch: Gotta be Us. Unless it's Chemo Limo... Chemo Limo!

Begin to Hope: Another Town.

Far: my favorite is probably Wallet. It transfered for me as one of the better studio versions (i don't greatly prefer live versions) and it's all around one my old favorites...

I hope she puts small town moon out there someday...

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