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favorite song from each album

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11:11: Buildings

Songs: Prisoners

Soviet Kitsch: The Flowers

Begin to Hope: Hotel Song

Far: Human of the Year/ Genius Next Door/ Time is all around

Demo Cassette: School is Out

Live: so hard... you, mermaid, dance anthem of the 80s... I can't pick.

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I can't choose 1, so I will choose my 2 favorites of each album:

11:11: Buildings, Pavlov's Daughter

Songs: Samson, Oedipus

Soviet Kitsch (in this one, three): Chemo Limo, Poor Little Rich Boy, Ode to Divorce

Begin to Hope (In this one, three): Uh-Merica, This Time, Hero

Far: Human Of The Year, Laughing With

What We Saw From The Cheap Seats: Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas), How

Unreleased: Bobbing For Apples, Silly Eye Color Generalizations

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It is very hard to pick one song from each album (I think it would be easier to pick 1 song to cut from each album) but here it goes:

11:11 - Buildings

Songs - Ne me quitte pas

Soviet Kitsch - Ode to Divorce

Begin to Hope - On the Radio (this one is sooo hard, it is a 12 way tie for first!)

Far - Folding Chair (another almost impossible choice.)

Live in London - Silly Eye Color Generalizations (had to add this one in because I love it so much)

Cheap Seats - Firewood (also not easy.)

Remember Us to Life - Older and Taller (so far, can't wait to hear more...)

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