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i like wonder bread

school = :(

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Originally posted by Crispy Crispy Benjamin Franklin:

Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower:

Originally posted by kaysntees:

Geez I think my grading system is different from yours...

100-93 is an A, 92-85 is a B, 84-77 is a C so on and so forth.

we have the same grading. i HATE IT! in chicago we had the other easier grading system, now i usually get a B by .2 or something! i hate it. i just got my transcript from school, and it is so depressing. i only have a 3.36 gpa over all. i had C's in french 2 and 3. french is the only class ive ever gotten a C in, and ive only had three Cs in my whole life though (by semester) so im proud of my self i suppose. i just wanted to graduate with honors. Frowner and i cant without a 3.5.

Graduating with honors is overrated. Not to say it's not a good accomplishment. But unless you want to go to a super competitive college, it probably won't matter in the long run. I would say only three Cs throughout your entire high school career is definitely something to be proud of. Smiler

Ok, from someone who did graduate with honors, it really does NOT mean much to college these days. Its definitely an accomplishment, but colleges (in general) are trying to look at other aspects of education when making their selections. Besides, don't fret just yet! You still have a half a year to improve your GPA don't you?

Although, let me point out that your willngness to work hard to improve our GPA is admirable and will definitely come in useful when your scholarships depend on it!

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My school is really competitive, so they stopped having a Valedictorian and such, since it was causing a lot of problems. The highest honor we have is graduating Summa Cumma Laude...with a GPA of 4.3 or higher. So that is what I'm aiming for. If I don't seriously screw up within the next year and a half, though, I've got it. Smiler

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whoooooo i suck.

well grades arent coming out so well.

well.... way below everyones standards. including my own. its really bad when you feel disappointed in yourself... i mean its terrible to feel disappointed by others, but when you come to the sick realization that "maybe im not what everyone said i was... and then there are consequences *shudders* but ill live. i doubt that my plan of going into the medical field will fail because i didnt do amazing like i always did in the 7th grade.... :\ but... i mean this isnt just school. this is life. and how much you put into it is how much you get back. i hope to bring these up.

ILWB DREADFUL grades (haha)


DRAMA I 103/A 82/B 93/A



VIS ART 7 ROT 100/A 100/A

FWC 98/A 101/A 100/A

PREAP LAN ART 7 94/A 82/B 88/B



PRE AP PRE ALG 99/A 99/A 99/A

SCIENCE 7 96/A 97/A 97/A

at least regina will always be there. oooh if i get the computer taken away, then i couldnt post on here. Frowner oh well. i will face it when it comes.

im nervous....

*deep breath*

*another deep breath*




that feeling in my stomach hasnt gone away....



try it again! breathings just a rhythym


im okay. breatheable again.

im aliiiiiiiiiiive!


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