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i like wonder bread

school = :(

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no offense to anyone. this is my personal opinion.

I really don't see how it's helpful at all to say "oh, school was great, this is much more stressful". in fact, this is why i was exremely depressed about three years ago.


i mean, seriously. sixth grade? basically, what i've figured out about myself is that i have about zero stress tolerance. so i would work myself into a frenzy thinking, i can't deal with all this work, i'm going to fail, and my life is going to be a terrible failure, i'm not going to get into college, i'll be a beggar my whole life and noone will care...

or, even worse, i won't fail this time, but i'll always have to feel like this in order to maintain some semblance of normalcy.


basically, i avoid thinking about it. school isn't great. i don't really look back fondly at anything. except sleep, or summer, or regina. on another note, i've found myself wondering about regina's high school years. all we know is that she didn't like soup. ;D

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no she does love soup!!!

it was in this one article that's in the soviet kitsch booklet thingie. when she was a teenager she would complain about always having to eat russian soup instead of pizza and chinese food like her friends, and then later she realized how wrong she was and started eating more soup to make up for it.

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Speaking of soup..... I jsut found this sonnet..>

“If soup is what you want, then soup you’ll get.”

I still recall my mom’s indifferent voice

When I announced my mind was firmly set

On shunning cake, the normal birthday choice.

Iconoclast, I thought as I chose soup,

Like Joan of Arc (a heretic to some).

I’d force the baker’s army to regroup;

The soup-day revolution had begun!

But looking back I see my fatal flaw;

I see what made my friends all laugh and mock.

It must have been the end my mom foresaw

As she prepared that fateful birthday stock.

A wish-less birthday soup was all I got

As all the candles sank into the pot.

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