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Whoops, took me too long to type it out. But yes, wonderful set. It was my friend's first time seeing her and she loved every minute of it and was blown away by the quality of Regina's voice, even live. I told her it'd be incredible! And the duet with Only Son blew me away, it was so much fun! And of course, Regina looked like she was having a blast, especially during that part.

I wrote down the set as it went along...I was in the very front row, center section all the way to the left. It was a pretty sweet view.

Ain't No Cover

On The Radio

Sailor Song

The Flowers


Baby Jesus

One More Time With Feeling

Music Box

Poor Little Rich Boy

Bobbing For Apples

That Time

Apres Moi

Summer In The City

A Lesson In How Fleeting Preservation Is


Human Of The Year

Small Town Moon

Ghost Of Corporate Future

Real Love




Hotel Song (a capella w/Only Son)

Field Below


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Look closely at what she is doing in this last one and also at the creepy guy standing in the corner.


I have a few more that I will post later along with video and audio if someone can tell me how and/or where to do so.

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Hey everyone I know this is a bit late but I was at the Brandeis show in October (Orpheum was sold out) and got a bunch of pics I'd share with you guys. My favorites are in the third album where she's with Only Son. I'm also posting a link to some pics I took the next day when I decided to go to Orpheum to try and meet and get an autograph after the show, well about 2 hours later it was well worth the wait, I even got a hug out of it!!!!! Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Brandeis (she wouldn't allow flash photography so a lot of the pics aren't amazing but I tried my best)




Orpheum after show

ENJOY!!! Big Grin

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