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Meaningful Regina Lyrics

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"pickles are just pickles"

i just heard that and i enjoy it, haha.

"things i have loved i'm allowed to keep

i'll never know if i go to sleeep"

and i mentioned Lucky Penny earlier i think, but that was one of the most effective regina songs on myself haha. it changed my outlook on things. whenever i used to find a penny (i love them, ha)

i would keep it to myself but it had me realize that there other others who would like to have a lucky penny or anything just as much as i do, if not more so i usually throw it somewhere for someone else to find..which sounds really lame lmao. Big Grin

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"They come in all quiet

Sweep up and then they leave

And you don't hear a single floor board creak

They're so much stronger

Than the friends you try to keep

By your side" - Somedays

"Barefeet on the cobblestones street

Then a beach

Then a splash

Then my ankles

My knees

Then my thighs

And my eyes open-wide

I threw myself right into the sea" - A Canon

I find the lyrics from A Canon so liberating and the song really paints an image of being released from something... Freedom I guess.

"You don't know what love is until you see her standing there, a web of skin and nails and hair... and bones and thoughts" - Lounge

Well there's a few lyrics that mean something to me.. There are so many more

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"I'll put flowers in your hair

won't you forgive me now?..."

"I'm so inconsistent, my handwriting changes every other word..."

"New York is bigger than a pirate ship, the sun makes everything look like gold and silver. But it's just a band-aid. But it's just a gum wrapper. But it's just a piece of green glass."

"You asked me some questions, i made up some answers"

"..waiting for the world to knock on your window..."

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From Just Like The Movies (of which i've been obsessed with lately) I love the lines:

"And if he loves me then why does he leave..."

"Don't say goodbye like you're burying him

Cause the world is round and he might return."

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