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Originally posted by i like wonder bread:

Originally posted by Brenna:

to all the little ten year olds:

Getting frappuccinos and other crap like that at Starbucks does not make you sophisticated and cool. OK? If you want to drink frappuccinos all the time and look like Britney Spears, fine. But don't think that it makes you cool. Frappuccinos are about 10% coffee. If you want to be sophisticated, get a latte.


i hope that wasnt appointed to me... but it seems awful close....

im not trying to be something im not,

im me and entirely me and i dont give a fluck what anyone else thinks. i like frappucino's because they are cold and tasty. seems fine to have a fondness of drinks whether it be esspresso's or lattes or black coffee, i just like the sweetness of the frap. and i do like regualr hot coffee.... i dont want to be anyone else but me and im fine with the fact people dont like me. everyone who doesnt like me, i can undestand why.i dont think coffee makes you anymore cool than drinking Aloha Soda. i just grew up drinking coffee and eating ginger snaps with my grandma. heh! there i go again being defensive! Big Grin but just am tired of being sat on. (not by anyone here, with my friends in non regina world.)

It wasn't directed towards you at all. I love frappuccinos, too. I have no problem with people who love them. I have a problem with people who think that because they drink them, they're the shit.

SmilerSmilerSmilerSmilerSmiler Sorry you thought I was talking about you.

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