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^^Haha! I keep laughing out loud at your posts, and now my dad's keeping half an eye on my screen Razzer

And i don't know.. they seem like a lively lot. I'm sure they'd be happy to drill Russian vocab, and, as soon as I'm done with my work, instant party in my room, every day! Woot!

Nothin freaky, though. *points at own serious face*

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^^Woah! Close call. The whole deal is off.. What a jerk.

Thanks, Jared! Or should I say, thanks, Eagle Eye Johnson (I don't know your last name, so I had to guess it Cool )

Oh, well. They have horrible decorating sense, anyway. Look at that lamp! And carboard boxes are for the docks, not the dorms! Roll Eyes

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Originally posted by .:



I saw this posted on a post on my way home from work tonight in the east village, and took a picture on my phone. Someone is looking for "Daniel."

I'm thinking about posting the picture on Craigslist, for two reasons:

1. To help the person find their Daniel. Maybe the person will see it and realise that they have found help in searching for their long-lost friend or lover or brother or son.

2. To possibly warn Daniel that he was smart in changing his number, because that crazy person that he met once in a bar really is crazy and clingy and will stop at nothing to find him again.

totally 2.

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