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Originally posted by i like wonder bread:

Im doing this thing for Halloween where i go door to door collecting canned foods etc. to give to needy families/children.

It's a thespian thing Big Grin

i love acting so much <3

;D it will be fuuuuun!!

Hey! I'm doing that, too! Thespian pride, son!

And I'm going as this little lady...



Remember when the only thing to be for Halloween was a Power Ranger or a Batman villain?

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i'm went/ am still going as caribou barbie Smiler


i look so funny because i'm trying to wink but i can't Frowner . i wore a red blazer, put my hair back in a banana clip and wore a button that said "foreign relations expert" with a hand-drawn picture of alaska and russia.

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So I got kicked out of my school dance for no good reason.

I had on some fairy wings and everything.

Basically they let us in even though Matt doesn't go to my school and then decided they couldn't do that because it wasn't official and the VP said he had to leave so we got our money back and left.

They gave us 5 bucks too much though by mistake Smiler

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