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I don't know if anyone remembers this, when Human of the Year was featured in the HBO show Enlightened? That was the reason I started watching the show, and I've actually become a big fan of it :] So I bought the dvd of season 1, which features audio commentaries for a couple of episodes. I've just watched the pilot (featuring Human of the Year) with commentary, and as the song comes on, this is what Mike White (the writer, co-creator and one of the actors) and Laura Dern (co-creator, lead actress) say about it:

Mike White: This is that Regina Spektor song.. I was listening to it when I was writing the pilot.

Laura Dern: Yeah, you knew from the beginning you wanted to..

Mike White: It was one of those songs where you walk around and you're like: this inspires me, this needs to be in the show. I need this song in the show.

I thought that was pretty cool :]

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